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In a profound encounter rich with lessons, the story of Prophet Mūsā (Moses) and al-Khiḍr stands as a quintessential example of the pursuit of knowledge and the realisation of divine wisdom. This narrative, deeply embedded in Islamic tradition, unfolds in the Qur'an where Mūsā, a prophet known for his wisdom and devotion, seeks to learn from al-Khiḍr, a figure endowed with unique, God-given knowledge.
Birmingham Quran Manuscript
Unlocking the secrets of history with the timeless truth of the Quran. The Qur’an manuscript held […]
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The Journey of the Qur’an to its Current Form. The complete Qur’an was recorded by several […]
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A Guide for All of Humankind. The Qur’an is a unique scripture, preserved in its original […]
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The Light of Guidance for a Better Life The Qur’an is the central religious text of […]
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Purifying the body & mind whilst elevating the spirit Sawm, or fasting, is one of the […]
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A Vital Part of Islamic Faith Understanding the importance of Zakah, one of the Five Pillars […]
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In today's diverse and cosmopolitan societies, there is a wide range of attitudes, interests, and ideologies among Muslims. However, this diversity has also led to many disputes, and it is no longer enough to simply identify as a Muslim without specifying a label or sect. This can create a problem for those who are uneducated in Islam, as they may distance themselves from scholars or even leave the religion altogether. The issue of scholarly difference, or "Ikhtilaf," is a common concern for many Muslims, and it is important to address its root causes to prevent further confusion and division within the community.