Exploring the Second Most Authoritative Source of Islamic Law and Ethics.

Hadith refers to the collection of traditions or sayings of Prophet Muhammad which are held in high regard and considered a primary source of religious law and ethical guidance. It is second only to the Qur’an, the holy book of Islam, in terms of authority. Essentially, it can be thought of as Muhammad’s biography, which has been passed down through generations of his followers as a means of learning from his example and teachings. The evolution of Hadith played a crucial role during the initial three centuries of Islamic history and studying it provides insight into the Islamic ideology and ethos.

The science of Hadith involves the examination of the chain of narrators (isnad) and the content (matn) of each individual narration to determine its authenticity and reliability. The collection, classification, and analysis of Hadith literature have been a major component of Islamic scholarship for over a millennium.

Classification of Hadith (2015)
Weak Hadith (2015)


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